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Organic food

In addition to everything else, restaurant Peshawar has specialised in foods that have been made of the organic products, therefore that the quality of the raw materials of the food, cleanness and the good taste to calm down when being made a Pakistani taste experience and pleasant moment to the customer and to enjoy its life are extremely important.

Special diets

The Pakistani food consists of different components from domestic, celiacs, to the vegans and of course to lactose intolerant, vegetarians, safe and delicious alternatives both lunch and a are found therefore on our Carte list, la. Also Halal, the Islamite diet succeeds from our kitchen. Halal in the making of the food is not used gelatins that have been made of the animals' waste and blood and not pork. Mainly the thickening of the food is used, cornflours, lens flour consisting of nuts. The balls have been always made without breadcrumbs and without other grain products, the composition is pea based , lens based or sweet corn based normally.

The sauces are always vegetable based, in addition to the thickening cream is normally used, a tomato, coconut, onion and other vegetables are used as base materials of sauce and are seasoned with the curry masalalla or on chili according to which food is in question.

Ask Tariq or Basharatilta if you suspect that the food is against your conviction or otherwise to you!


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