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Typical spices the voimakasmakuinen herb spices and our mixture spices are less often different, ruoavalmistuksessa käytyetyt, by us in Finland it has been accustomary to use many spices mainly in baking. Restaurant Peshawarissa you are able to taste from which the food will taste when there are chili, caraway, ginger and the coriander and masalaa in it. The Masala sauce masala is not a Finnish spice in spite of its name but it is a similar sauce as pakistanilasikeittiön, also other sauces, tasty and tuhti. In the making of the Masala sauce a soybean or vegetable oil is used a chopped onion, crushed garlic, shredded ginger, fenugreek spice, green chili and cream and a fresh coriander tomaattipureeta. With the suitable mixture of the components it is obtained from the sauce either from fires or the taste experience which smokes only lightly. The Masala sauce is a typical accompaniment in the foods as hen foods, sheep foods or shellfish to which one wants a red colour and fieriness

Chili - Capsicum annuum

Restaurant Peshawarin the use fresh green chili is small only about 3 cm long to both heads narrowing shuttle. Its name is Thai Chili and its force degree is Scovillen on about 8 - 9 scales 1-10. Only Habanero capsicum from the fruits reaches over Thai Chili from the ones available, its force is 10. When estimating the force of Capsicum fruits, a method in which the extract is added to water by the drop until is used capsicum only just incipient to discharge five unaccustomed to the burning testees burning of the kapsaisiini. The amount of the dilution is given, so-called Scovillen as burning units (Scoville Heat Unit). The tightest friends of the chili eat ThaiChiliä raw like a carrot but the kapsaisiini acid contained by it is an immemorial ensisuudelma, a kiss of fire to unheard of. The drying and grinding of the chili are very general but Peshawarin the materials are used fresh in the foods and so are added to be small pieces of fresh green chili that has been cut to the foods that have been equipped with a fiery sign to the ones on our list. In the mouth the burning of the chili is not relieved by the drinking of water. A better trick is to bite naan bread or basmati rice. Some of them recommend lassi, a friend (Tariq from its name) will recommend if it does not help either, still to eat the second chili as a remedy and still third.

Chili and wine

The chili is a "transparent" spice to wine, in other words it does not conceal the aroma of wine as strongly aromatic other spices. This is due to the fact that the kapsaisiini is the power material of the chili, as crazy as it kuullostaa, colourless, scentless and tasteless material. It affects only the pain nerves, not at all to the taste nerves. The connoisseur of winess recommend different wines to a potable from red wines from the white wines with foods which contain chili, –, Cabernet Sauvignonia or Syrahia and Gewurtztraminer wines or Chardonneta. These wines are found also on our wine list.

As rubber - Jeera

Jeera, in Swedish spiskummin, Cuminum cyminum are a necessary part of our separate ruko as a roomankumi, cheese rubber, milk rubber, in other words as leipäkumi. The Finn knows the caraway mainly as a spice of the ryecrisp. The taste of the Jeera is a little sharper than that of the Finnish caraway. In English and French roomankumina will be cumin when the ordinary caraway is caraway in English. The cumin of the English is translated in Finnish specifications into caraway without sorrow. In Pakistani spice packings roomankumina is a jeera from its name or a zeera. Ginger,in the Far East in the home areas of the ginger the ginger is bought as a fresh whole rootstock. Also by us one has been able to get fresh ginger already very long from the shops. Ginger, Zingiber officinale is a plant from tropical Asia. The name will come from language, sanskriitin. In India and Pakistan the ginger is the important component of most spice mixtures. The Chinese begin the making of many fried foods with the same by browning ginger flakes in the way like the Finnish hostess begins the making of the sauce with the browning of the onion.


The ripe seeds of the coriander are used as a spice, in them there is a strong pleasing appelsiinimainen taste which always only improves which the seeds will retain for a longer time. The fresh leaves of the coriander are used as a spice in Pakistan parsley, such as by us . In unaccustomed opinion, the smell is perhaps bad but learns to keep fast from it. When one boils, the smell disappears but at the same time a large part of the ominaismaku of the coriander disappears. Peshawarin in the kitchen is used only the fresh leaves of the coriander. Some cookery books advise a coriander to use the root also, it is said that it is good with the garlic crushed.


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